Fire & Process Water Pipe Inspection Service

Detection & Mapping of Internal Pipe Wall Integrity
for Fire Sprinkler & Process Water Piping

Martin Technical's pipe inspection services uses a new application of ultrasonic waves for non destructive testing of fire sprinkler pipes, process water and industrial piping. Our pipe inspection services offer the following advantages:

Identification of internal pipe contents

Traditional ultrasonic pipe inspections identify only the wall pipe thickness. Martin Technical's Pipe Inspection Services identify not only the integrity of your pipe wall, but the internal contents, including:

  • Wall Loss
  • Water
  • Sludge
  • Ice Plugs
  • Air Pockets
  • Corrosion
  • Scale Buildup
  • Pitting

    pinpointing pipe sections that need replacement

    Our ultrasonic pipe inspection technology allows us to identify the specific areas of pipe that are damaged and need replacement, saving potenitally tens of thousands of dollars versus having all pipes replaced.

    no need to shut Pipes or pumps down

    Ultrasonic pipe testing does nor require shut down of pumps, pipes or other equipment. Our team of technicians operate nearly unnoticed while collecting the pipe data.

    more information & faster data collection

    Our pipe inspection service takes a wider footprint of the pipe; up to 4" wide and the entire circumference of the pipe in one collection point, allowing for faster data collection and more data than traditional pinpoint ultrasonic pipe inspection services.

    Green & non destructive testing

    Ultrasonic pipe testing is green and will not damage your fire sprinkler pipes or process water pipes.


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